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Fashion Analytics

As a dual degree student studying Fashion Design and Business,

I recognize the importance of merging both worlds, as one discipline cannot thrive without the other.

Below are examples of case studies in which I have developed

business strategies for existing companies for the Fashion Scholarship Fund.

I was chosen as a scholar and awarded $7,500 for developing a merchandising campaign for Levi’s that promotes equality in the workforce for formally incarcerated citizens. The goal of the campaign is to spread awareness of the inequalities formerly incarcerated citizens face, while providing this marginalized group with support, skills, and job opportunities. Simultaneously, the campaign will strengthen Levi’s brand image, augment its market share in the retail industry, and promote direct-to-consumer interactions. 

Since sustainability is an increasingly important concern that fashion brands must address, I developed a future-oriented and feasible solution for SKIMS to prolong the life cycle of its’ garments through reselling, recycling, and repairing alternatives. As the prompt encouraged technological innovation, the proposal not only details the marketing, supply chain, and stakeholder implementation strategies but also how to utilize computer vision and data extraction technology.  

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